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I was recently sent a message from Monte Cristo Games about their own upcoming SimCity design game Cities XL. Being a big enthusiast of SimCity, I decided to take a look and was suprised to see how awesome this game looks. So why am I writing about a sim game on a MMO blog? Because Cities XL will be playable on the web and have many MMORPG features. Once from the coolest things is the fact that social networking with other cities will become very important to the success of your own town. Unlike SimCity where you have to build all you need in your city, CityXL will help you to make deals with other players to provide things need, such as a trash dump or power to run your town. Want to create a show highway from a big city to your waterfront resort? Well you will need to strike the deal with that player to do so. Players will also be able to travel around the world and visit other players cities via an avatar. You’ll be able to walk about and do some website seeing or you can go to designated areas where gamers hangout to interact socially. Another cool function is that there is a tycoon type of feature within the game. So lets say your run a ski resort or even amusement park, it is possible to go into it and create changes. Perhaps lower prices, higher much more workers, etc . I am not sure how many features the tycoon section of the game will offer, but it’s definitely awesome to have something like that in the game to add another layer of depth.

Stats will be a big part of the game, not only will Cities XL show you your position against other gamers, but it also gives you in-depth information about the people living in your city. Age, income, education level to name a few, plus all the other stats you would normally find in a sim type game. The global economic climate will be player dependent, so if you have a big and successful enough city you might have some effect on the global economy. I am not sure if the game will have multiple planets or how many cities can be on one planet, but we’ll try to find out for you. Cities XL is slated to be released within the first half of this year and is definitely one from the games on our must have list.Csgo skins for sale If you choose to play online, there will be the fee to play, nevertheless there will also become an option to play off-line for free once you have bought the game. Recently Mythic Entertainment has announced a Recruit-A-Friend system for Warhammer Online where players can earn free game time by getting their friend into the game. The details tend to be as below: The Realm War is constantly on the rage and the armies of Order and Destruction are always on the lookout for new utilizes. Do you know a brave warrior that could strengthen the ranks? You could earn 30 days of free game period when you recruit family and friends to join the battle in Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning!

Here’s how it works: Whenever you become a paying customer to Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, you will receive 3 recruitment notices to share with friends or family. For each month you continue to subscribe, you will receive another recruitment notice (for no more than 6 at any time). Send a recruitment email to a family member or friend from the Account Middle. This will allow your own recruit to create a demo account for seven days of free play. Untouched referrals expire after 30 days and will revert back to your swimming pool of available recommendations. When your recruit gets a paying customer to WAR, you will receive a credit with regard to 30 days of free game time. Stay tuned for more exciting recruitment rewards in the future! The conflicts between Digital world and the real world will be pushed towards the front of the public again. Gore Verbinski, Buy csgo skins with paypalthe director of Pirates of the Carribbean, will cooperate with Universal Pictures on a movie based on the Wall Street Journal article launched in 2007 about the well-known 3D online game- Second Living. (Via Variety)This Co-produced movie will tell a story about the really like and hate within and outside 2nd Life as the post focus on a married man who spends as many as 20 hrs a day on a computer, existing through an character who is a thriving, muscle-bound entrepreneur. In reality, he is a diabetic, chain-smoking 53-year-old. Nevertheless waiting for the reside action movie of Street Fighter (The Legend of Chun-Li)? Here comes the animated Street Fighter Comichttp://www.csgo4skin.com  !