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Since Wired. com first wrote about the rapid appearance of cartoon GIFs and games immortalizing the event, many more impromptu memorials have surfaced, mainly in the form of games. The Shoe Bush Worldwide game (screenshot above) lets players fling a multitude of footwear - from high heels to cowboy boots - at an increasingly disheveled leader, with success calculated by a Whack-O-Meter. Duck Duck Bush lets gamers chuck just about anything (including a pit bull with lipstick) at the commander in chief. Other games consist of: Kast Sko Mot Bush, a cool, catapult-powered game, Ninja Bush, which puts the actual president in a dark ninja outfit as well as lets him come back fire with baseballs, Bye Bye Bush, which shows the actual president on an unlimited field (and provides players a apparently endless supply of shoes) Bush Shoe Event, which tests players’ reaction time, Some other creative animated GIFs, More GIFs within the next page, Reference: Attack of the Bush Shoe-Toss Games Continues, A few days earlier, we reported on a brand new official trailer and some posters of Dragonball: Evolution which turned on a heated discussion. Here we’ve obtained some latest screenshots and a preview writed by Rob Keyes from screenrant. Enjoy it. Now we have the first official trailer for the upcoming live-action adaptation of the hit Manga collection and it still sucks…maybe even more than the first teaser.

From this trailer, the characters as well as costumes look absurd (especially the supplementary characters), the battle choreography looks awful and the dialogue as well as cinematography has B-movie or worse created all over it. Not forgetting the terrible use of slow motion in certain of the action sequences. Don’t believe me personally? Watch and see: Now, re-watch it whilst trying to put aside the actual special effects (which tend to be 95% of it) and focus on what’s actually happening, particularly the dialogue as well as acting.Where to buy csgo skins They are burying this in heavy visual and sound clips. It looks like they’re trying so difficult to take and use cool styles from other films but this movie doesn’t have that kind of ‘cool’ and using those associated with the wrong places with poor execution truly makes this really feel over-the-top but in a bad way. What I am seeing from the trailer and images of the film give me the exact same feeling as Catwoman and Elektra did-both of which are both on my listing of worst movies actually. Some stories simply cannot be translated to the big screen. Have you observed the characters from Dragonball Z or its action sequences? It’s not even remotely human. The display was super well-known and many people I know really dug it but I don’t think it makes for a live-action version, especially if it’s supposed to be faithful to the cartoon. Even if it’s not, the extreme nature, extreme design and crazyness that was Dragonball Z (for example) can’t be done in reality because it’s so far from fact that it looks ridiculous when they try to imitate with real people. The styles are merely too different.

The actual characters saying the term “dragonball” while holding a literal excellent ball sounds as well as looks like cheese in live-action. And that scene with that vehicle changing while Justin Chatwin (playing Goku) states “cool” is really awesome too…Not. I can’t tell if this is created solely for the followers of old (not me) and the young audiences or when the fans of the series’ will hate this and Fox is really targeting more of a mainstream audience. Dont really know if the film will actually be as bad as I think this trailer is really because I know Dragonball is not my thing regardless-but I expect quite weak box-office earnings and I know I am going to not see it at the theater. I would like to know what fans of the cartoons think of this. Do you think it can be done well in live-action? Buy the Cheapest CSGO SkinsDoes this meet your anticipation? And for those who don’t know much about Dragonball or simply may not have fancied the actual cartoons, will you see this flick? A FFXI-centric website Petfoodalpha reported a news that the Odin machine of FFXI inform their players: In case you Don’t Leave, I’ll Make You Leave. Following a recent attempt to move people from the Odin server, Square Enix has come out today and announced which in spite of their efforts to offer free transfers to other servers, which Odin is still more than populated. Because of this they'll be offering world emigration again. While which is all fine and dandy, there is one part of this recent post which upsets playershttp://www.csgo4skin.com  .