When the game was initially revealed

The overall game has become subject to the so-called “FIFA 16” women jokes simply because some believe that they don’t get to measure up to their male alternatives of the game. There's rarely been just as much optimism surrounding the discharge of the latest Fifa title as there has been around Fifa 16. When the game was initially revealed, EA additionally proudly announced the inclusion of women's football for the new. Female athletes are seldom seen in sports activities games outside of those tied to the Olympic Games, fifa 18 coins so the announcement represented a huge step forward. The recent Fifa Women's World Mug, which took place within Canada in 06 and July of this year, was considered a huge success - and not just for the England, who were placed third. The event itself do much to help enhance the profile of the women's game, which keeps growing in stature and earn rightful regard worldwide.

At Gamescom 2015 in Perfume, Germany, IBTimes UNITED KINGDOM sat down with the series' senior producer, Nick Channon. We talked to him about the inclusion from the women's game, what it's like to maintain a constant state associated with motion developing a now-annual game and the influence of rival series Pro Evolution Football - which recently has found its form again. IBTimes UK: When do discussions about introducing women's football begin? Nick Channon: It was a couple of years ago right now. We did the prototype where we put a woman's head on a man's body - we didn't do that to ship it, we did it to see where all the problems had been, and created a long list of things we needed to do if we were going to do it properly. We were only going to put females in our game if we could do it right - and a lot of that was around body scaling. We didn't have the technologies to do that, buy fifa 18 coins to scale bodies in a way so we could do limbs separately. We required new animations, we wanted hair simulation and scanned encounters. After the initial announcement, some fans undermined the importance of the inclusion of women's football, saying that time must have been put into enhancing game play.

Overwhelmingly, the response was really positive. In the world we reside in, there's positives and negatives through everybody. Most information now has negative feedback - which is nature of social media - but overwhelmingly the feedback had been positive. On the negative feedback you do have, I imagine the success from the recent Women's World Cup in North america went a long way to shutting those people up? The reason we wanted to put women within our game was to become authentic. I reside in Vancouver and had been lucky enough to go to the World Cup, and the high quality of football and entertainment was wonderful. If you want to be a geniune football fifa 16 coins game, it's important to have women in it. The World Cup was a great spectacle. EA Sport's "FIFA" series' Ultimate Team mode has been one of the game's most popular features because its introduction and today, the mode is actually on its way to becoming even more popular www.fifa-coin.com