Jagex now is working on the new client

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you should not lose confident in the new client. All content in NXT is subject to change and is not really a representation of the final product. Any bugs or glitches that could be encountered are part and parcel of beta testing. This weekend is literally it's first beta examination. NXT will come to all players later this year - after at least a few betas that will allow Jagex to try fix the glitches. Jagex has made the game look better than actually with the new client. RS 2007 Gold If you are in need of Runescape gold, you can buy RS gold cheap upon RSorder. You see, the actual RSorder Spring Marketing now is available on RSorder, and you can get cheapest RS 3 gold on our site. 2016 is a special period for Runescape gamers because of RuneScape's fifteen Year Anniversary. In order to celebrate its 15th birthday, Jagex will release a number of new updates, such as NXT, God Wars Dungeon 2, Gower Quest, Raids 2 and more. And this makes it very necessary for every Runescape players to make cash and make early preparation for these new up-dates. If you don’t possess much spare time to gain RS money in video game, you may want to buy cheap RS gold upon RSorder. RSorder has huge amount of RS gold in stock for sale at low price. RSorder offers long-existed discount code for many RS gold purchasers.

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