Chancellor Angela Merkel sent us a note

They are the future national character, a cohesive can compete for a decade. A Fifa Greatest team, even though it may not be the best talent, the most promise for the future. These people already have the victory over the defending Fifa world champion and also the third. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is to send text messages to encourage Germany females football in World Cup. German females football coach Neid thanked to the support from the former motherland before Germany towards Norway news meeting. "Chancellor Angela Merkel sent us a note, in addition , more than 500 million television viewers are watching, which is great. This displays our country's football atmosphere. We get a lot of support. " Also German team coach Joachim also encouraged for the U . k . women football.

After the German soccer team lost to the United States, Loew said in an job interview fueling for the U . k . women football. "Dear Silvia, you've got a lot of champions, very experienced. I believe that our girls can go very far. We can reach the final. " fifa game news and cheap selling price: Lionel messi and Barcelona in the last 10 AP globe football survey, acknowledge the highest ticket volume at the end of the Fifa 16 game season. Messi finished 56 goals for Barcelona this Fifa European countries season, after the completion of the treble within the Fifa champions group final in Berlin beat Juventus 3-1. cheap fut 18 coins Barcelona won the actual Spanish league and Fifa game mug. Cristiano ronaldo is second only to vote of player Lionel messi, Barcelona and real Madrid is second only to the actual Fifa Ultimate team ranking.

We praise the greatness of Barcelona, that's correct, "said Tom Timmermann st. Louis post in the United States. "Real Madrid, it's really a great Fifa 16 Ultimate team, is likely to be in any other fifa league in the world, but happened to be in the country, like Barcelona, countries as a football FC group, there was a man named Lionel messi. "Madrid didn't win a trophy shock as to, although a 22-game win streak, start from September to Jan. Chelsea's third win the English leading league after 8. After the fourth for your fourth consecutive serie a champions Juventus, the fifa Italian cup and fifa champions league runner-up. The bundesliga champs bayern Munich within the fifth. Atletico Madrid and Paris st germain, Manchester, Arsenal and Manchester usa have completed the very best 10. Ma Erhua within the third fifa game player rankings in late the season www.fifa-coin.com