By completing the Grandmaster quest

Yes, that's right. Mr Mordaut believes that Hannibus is still alive and maybe locked away subterranean. And whether he is truly live or not will be based on your discovery. Come to find him! When you find him, you will be able to uncover the library of Robert the actual Strong in aglobe -trotting quest of discovery. Meanwhile, how he will live may also be depending entirely about how you choose to guide your pet. What's more, you will also get awesome rewards by completing the Grandmaster quest, which includes monster rider armour a dragon rider amulet, and a new training area featuring the actual recent poll-winning celestial dragons. You may need to get ready with your team members to any extent further!

There will be a new minigame for members only. This game is focused on deception as well as deduction, so you will see two roles for you to choose - thief and guard. Like a robber, your goal is to successfully steal the town's loot. In order to remain undetected, you have to disguise your self as one of the town's NPC inhabitants. However , as a guard, Cheap RS 3 Gold your goal is to arrest the actual robber of course with regard to stopping him. You are able to gain generous bonus Hunter and Thieving experience depending on your own different roles together with points to buy additional abilities to use hanging around. This February offers passed half, but we believe the remainder days will be so much fun as long as runescape is with us. Come to enjoy the February's runescape and get ready for the actual coming fun!

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