Trick or treat! Cash or eat

Not just children, but most grown-ups also love Halloween party and Halloween parties because on this time, they can disguise themselves as personages or ghost as their own imaginations will lead them. This take them the satisfaction of being young. Have you been ready for paiting faces to look like monsters. When we were children, each time we come to a new house, say, "Trick or treat! Cash or eat! " How to spend HALLOWEEN this year? When you enjoy this holiday, you can also Go Playerhot. Get gold for fun, conserve time for life. Right after 16 months because the game was released, Blizzard has finally chose to shut down their artistically made game function, the real-money public sale house. According to the latest update on D3, it has been confirmed that the gold and real-money auction house will be permanently shut down upon March 18, 2014. While some people discover this the best update ever in D3 history, others have shown great concern concerning the conveniency of getting epic items in game, saying only real cash auction house ought to be shut down, not the gold.

So what do you consider? How do you think this can change the D3 Market? And how do you consider Playerhot should conform to this update? We are sorry that, somewhat have overlooked the web site design and design, thus the site you observe before is much messy with plenty of functions and stuff, even though we have already eliminated some of them over time. buy fut 18 coins Within the aim to keep our user experience undamaged, as well as reply to all those complaints we've found across fansites and forums, we quietly started a rework of the Playerhot style couple of weeks ago. In this new design all of us still kept the framework and style of the site, placing a good order will stay exactly like it used to be. However everything else has been re-organized, old features that were obsolete now are removed, upper side that was cluttered up has now been cleared. A lot more stuff continues to be attuned and refined.

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