Gamers from Premier Leagues have also shared

Gamers from Premier Leagues have also shared themselves being scanned for your FIFA 17 Rooster but it is not news worthy since we already know that they are going to be in the game. What surprises us it that EA has received license to use the brand new Premier League Logo for FIFA seventeen. We recently exposed that the new league fans want most in FIFA seventeen is the Turkish second division. FIFA 16 is a great football video game, but lots of new features can be added to the game to make this more authentic as well as real. Here we are listing some FIFA 17 features wish list below which fans are expecting in the next version. In real life, the kit changes after every season. But this option is not available in the FIFA video game. Creating a new package or downloading the present kit should be an option for the game.

To make the game little more fascinating and to give it a brand new look, EA can offer an option to tweak kits every year upon loading of every season, this will give a really feel of something new. We are saying to change the entire kit of the group, but for instance, if you are playing as arsenal, cheap fut 18 coins you don't change the entire kit into purple or something, however a new design such as stripes or anything can be added would be great. This option can be available on every year on career setting. Or they can provide an option of kit combination where players can pick different color photos. For example , Juventus can use black or white shorts in their house kit. To bring a little more excitement into the video game with extra groups. We all love to play through the big team part, and FIFA has done a great job within introducing such champ teams, they have featured almost all the best groups of football, however they have left several small teams. Sometimes this feels good to play from the small group side against a champion. It bestows a different challenging sensation.

EA can add new reserves teams within FIFA 17 for added enthusiasm. This will be unique attribution and will offer more challenging opportunities. The team should be able to change or upgrade the present stadium. There are truly bad stadiums within the lower divisions of the game. It would be more interesting if we might expand the current arena or buy a new one. In the manager mode, there should be an option to upgrade the present stadium. New/ bigger stadiums will increase the transfer budget of the team. It will make the road to glory for small league teams more enjoyable. While FIFA continues to be looking forward to adding a number of new leagues, the list still seems to lack some popular leagues in the world. Football as well as Sweden has a excellent combination, and that would be great if EA could include more Swedish leagues with stadium customize options. A league match up gives a complete various experience full of energy. Therefore adding more of this won't harm anyone; in fact it would be a benefit in the game as it will certainly enhance the entertainment package. This is something a number of fans are looking for many years. If we talk about the FIFA 16, there I've seen the nets are hardly sufficient www.fifa-coin.com