I do not want other people to say that forest crazy

Lin Shuhao said that after entering the NBA, racial discrimination is much smaller than the NCAA, and their own in working with this kind of problem is more mature and calm. "Today 's NBA, there will still be some racial discrimination, however I will not be bothered by this particular, and I will think of it as an incentive. Jeremy Lin also talked about their own overnight fame "Lin crazy" period. Lin Shuhao said that his most regret is the fact that never been able to enjoy the "forest crazy" moment. "I scored a high score with regard to five consecutive games, but I was totally different from anyone else they had seen, and everyone had the impression that the Asian players had been the big center from the Chinese team that was seven feet tall, " he stated. Scared me. ""All the questions are exactly the same, they are all asking, as an Asian NBA player, how do you feel? " Jeremy Lin stated, "all the problems are related to Asia. To some extent, I do not Prepared to talk about the Asian people this subject. I do not want other people to say that forest crazy, which brought me a heavy problem.

Now I'm used to it: "This is an honor. I am on behalf of all of the Asian people in the NBA, on behalf of all of the people of Harvard, I am proud of this is no longer my problem and I no longer really feel afraid. At that time, I can not understand that, because everything was as well fast. FIFA introduced in the official web site for the 2018 Russian World Cup qualifier during the member units of the disciplinary criminal offense. Which Asian region 12 match Iran and national soccer battle, cheap fut 18 coins because the Tehran Azzadi stadium audience exceeded the number, along with the audience fired fireworks, FIFA fine fifty, 000 Swiss francs. Asian Games twelve Iran and the national football game, before the game, the Iranian Football Association introduced the game free of charge to the outside world, the outcomes approved to accommodate 78, 000 people Azizi field influx greater than 100, 000 spectators. Although the Iranian Football Association's free proceed to let the Azi stadium once again become the devil home, and Iran also won 1-0 national football, from the promotion of the Globe Cup race just one step away, however this was FIFA heavy penalties. FIFA official website said in the ticket, because Iran and the national soccer game in the event,

the Iranian Football Organization was fined fifty, 000 Swiss francs. Including the audience is simply too crowded (the quantity exceeded), there are followers in the field of fireworks. Naturally , for the decision to make free of charge for the Iranian Football Association, this particular fine is nothing. In the preliminaries from the European, Italian and Albanian games, the Albanian Football Organization was fined a fine of 100, 000 Swiss francs and the Italian Football Organization was fined fifteen, 000 Swiss francs because Albanian followers dished out fireworks in the stadium, evoking the race to break for a few minutes. World Cup in the Americas, the Brazilian Football Organization was fined thirty-five, 000 Swiss francs, the Argentine Football Association was fined 20, 000 Europe francs, the Mexican Football Association had been fined 10, 000 Swiss francs. These types of football was reprimanded, because the fans in the race racial splendour and non-sports honest behavior. Curry lately took part in a talk show. Moderator Dan Patrick sharply threw a issue: "Who will be elected for this season MVP (can not choose any one of the Warriors under the premise) www.fifa-coin.com