That was the surprise for us

Shamir: It’s almost mind-boggling a little bit. You know, you see this sort of thing occurring at top Premier League club as well as things like that. Now that it’s here, around, we almost feel as if we’re at the top [laughs], it’s a genuine privilege. You’re likely to be the only group in the football league to have your actual faces in the game, it’s very cool…Dan: That was the surprise for us. We’re buzzing to obtain in there, it’s an excellent surprise to come in to and shows the appeal of this golf club. Shamir: To be someone who plays this video game every single day… I am going to now go home and I’m in no way going to pick the loves of Real Madrid or Barcelona. I am playing as Forest Green, forever. You get the joy to be able to play football for a living but then to have the opportunity to enter in the game and get some special treatment, that’s got to be a good taste of there is no benefits on offer if you do nicely in football? Shamir: Of course. You can turn around and be in FIFA. It’s surreal whenever you come from we have as well as battled to get into the League.

Dan: For me, I’ve never played in the League, I’ve always played within Non-League, so it’s a massive achievement. It’s a bit of a sign as to where we’re in and I look at it as an achievement and somewhere to kick on from. All my buddies have messaged me personally today saying they can’t wait to purchase the game and stuff like that. So most people are buzzing. Everyone performs it. A lot of us in the club share a home and we’re always playing the game. cheap fifa 18 coins We’re always on FIFA so it’s large for us as a team. Shamir: Just can’t wait around. We played Barnet on Saturday which was a massive test for us. We’re looked at as the underdogs of the league and everyone looks at us, expecting all of us to kind of fall. I feel like we’re going to do really well in this league as well as personally my target is for the golf club to go straight up, within the top three. In case that doesn’t occur and we fall short and obtain to the playoffs after that I’d still see that as a massive achievement. Shamir: Definitely,

for me from the surroundings to the support. I’ve only played non-league my life too. Aside from being a scholar but then you’re under eighteen so it’s almost all been incredible. I’ve been to games before for other groups where there’s only a man and his dog watching and now we’re getting a few 1000 a week. Dan: Things like being on Atmosphere and playing before big audiences. Getting people watch like this, it’s great to be a part of. Definitely, totally. All the boys are together. We’re a great group this year as well as everyone is confident within their own ability in addition to a collective. We all think we can do well. Shamir: What I’d state about us is the fact that we strive off of one another so in case one person is not performing what they should be, we’ll give them the stick that they need to get back in it so that they say “you know what, I need to draw myself together”, all of us literally work off each other and I think that’s really good. There’s absolutely no bad eggs within the camp www.fifa-coin.com