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How could you get around death in dangerous places such as say DKs or GWD? What if people can be in a position to keep 07 Runescape items regardless of death from players or monsters? In fact , this idea is hard to cover all areas. Provided player A and B fight to offer enough damage upon each other while recovery. So it stacks and it counts as each other’s kill, and then they go PvM. but because they've carried out more damage upon each other than the creatures have, the items are safe on death. But it is different with regard to other areas, like a reversed PvP world. Therefore Jagex still requirements more time to calculate it. If you have any thoughts about Old School RS PvP worlds, you can talk about on RSorder Myspace. Besides, you also have an opportunity to get more surprises and promos on our facebook. Have fun! Mother is the most beautiful word in the whole world, and the feeling between mother and children is actually subtle and inexpressible. Along with the arrival of mother's day, you should have plenty to say to your mom www.rsgoldfast.com