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And also the map s stability seemed T-sided. It was important for us in order to immediately make changes to fix these issues. In many instances people took to Photoshop to really illustrate how they wished to see us implement the new changes (another example of how the community already has solutions in mind), and these illustrations were frequently very similar to one another, indicating that a consensus experienced formed. Because Volcano is a professional Counter-Strike player in addition to being a level designer, pro feedback is cooked into Crown very deeply. I believe that Volcano and I make a great team because we all know that if the other person raises an issue, that he talks on behalf of a large segment of the community. I consider priority among my job asking Volcano about the competing repercussions of every style decision we initiate

leaving this windowpane open vs . closed, the readability of the area, whether this particular area needs more cover, and so on. The community was widely requesting a new path cutting from middle in order to CT courtyard because of lengthy rotation occasions and Volcano also felt that this was a necessary change to create. My stance had been that I was pleased with how Crown had been playing, and that proper team coordination would give CT s enough time to rotate, especially once people were more familiar with the chart. Sell RS Gold Volcano didn to necessarily disagree, but he was pretty certain that the community will be happier if we implemented the change, which not implementing the change could eventually limit Crown s variety in competing play.

We had considered such a path early on in Crown s gray-box stage, but decided not to implement the path back then because all of us wanted to emphasize identifying fakes and making timely call-outs about what the Terrorists had been doing. As it occurred, the community didn to love the lengthened rotator times, perhaps simply because rotating places massive emphasis on the teamplay aspect of Counter-Strike, but truly relying on your teammates can be frustrating outside of a tournament-style setting. I personally enjoyed the way Crown had been playing, but occasionally as a mapper you have to accept that your individual preference might be in the minority. Sometimes you have to give the people what they want. Because Volcano was adamant that this had been the right thing to do www.rsgoldfast.com