Buying premier club can get an alt account

Buying premier club can get an alt account membership for six to 12 months free of charge, with having a good ironman attached to account. Certainly, it should be better to have an ironman with main accounts, instead of paying double for membership just to possess a character with restricted abilities. But when it is hard to come true, it really is all right to have a restricted character. Premier people could have an entry to a beta globe every Sunday for some hours and get statistics and items like they want. Definitely, there is the beta world already on the list of possibilities, Jagex stated. And it needs to develop a beta world program so it may take longer to fulfill it. It is clear that making a server has no any relations to Leading Club, but it takes quite a long time for Australians to stand the delays. Even to try doing basic tasks, they have to wait 1-2 seconds for a response. Although the Australian machines aren't in a position to be used by Old School just yet, it will have a simple solution to deal with them next week,

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