You want to hear any ideas from

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Strongly recommend that you need to open your Treasure Hunter between 29th, October 00: 00 UK time to third, November 23: fifty nine UK time due to getting your hands on items mentioned above. Be an RS membership to get 2 keys. All players only get 1 key per day, but if you have an RS membership, you can get 2. In addition , there are other ways to get keys, if you want much more. Old School RS Gold The return of Portable Skill Station from Treasure Seeker can be good news for RS players indeed, not only can the players get more promotions within the Double XP Weekend break, but use Transportable Skill Station in Treasure Hunter also. Although some players state “excellent! ”, some players just don’t buy it. They say: “I do not get why you are doing this promotion during another promotion, overlapping 2 promotions into one shouldn't happen.

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