Speaking about this issue

Speaking about this issue, Watzke said seriously that even though there was a quote of over 1 billion euros, there was clearly nothing to do with them. In other words, they would not sell Aubameyang. Borussia Dortmund striker's contract with club will certainly expire in 2020, but his move rumors are frequently documented, Barcelona, Arsenal as well as Paris are the item of gossip. Whenever talking about whether it could be possible to join Paris, france St Germain, Aubameyang said that going to Paris, france might be an option with regard to last year, but not right now. By the way, click here with regard to. January 20, 2016, the Chinese Soccer Association tournament kept in preventing as well as combating the manipulation of thematic operating conference in Beijing.

From FIFA, Ministry of Public Protection, buy fifa 18 coins the State Sports General Administration and the Chinese Football Association charge of relevant departments a total of 20 people attended the meeting. The meeting aims to establish a stable and efficient multilateral cooperation mechanisms, unlawful betting and manipulation of the game to take effective prevention, as well as actively respond to as well as harshly. Chinese Soccer Association vice chairman and secretary-general Zhang Jian, a full-time executive committee Lin Xiaohua, FIFA's main security officials Mu Zeke Ralph, mouthpiece director of the Ministry of Public Protection Bureau Huajing Feng attended the operating meeting. Zhang Jian said that the current Chinese football in advance of "the overall program of reform and development of Chinese soccer, "

the environment, but additionally the need to combat unlawful gambling and control aspects of the game along with FIFA and the nationwide ministries to strengthen cooperation. Ralph Mu Seck fully established the work of the effort in accordance with FIFA as well as AFC Chinese Soccer Association to carry out anti-handling competition standard. Huajing Feng said that with the Ministry of General public Security will be based General Administration of Sports activity and the anti-gambling crackdown to establish long-term operating mechanism of the Chinese Football Association in 2010, to further strengthen cooperation, keep the pressure upward, and resolutely combat and deter unlawful betting and manipulation of competitions along with other illegal activities. Throughout the meeting www.fifa-coin.com