You middle dense compact Barcelona

You middle dense compact Barcelona types of infiltration and long photos are hard to crack through can easily blow your side, but your opponent out can be a good fight part but the door wide open! Is the most changeable winger, can be used as a winger or more cross winger in the wing began to organize. FIFA Los angeles Liga last season, the best selection of recognized, Atletico Madrid has become the biggest losers. Atletico Madrid La Liga champions last season, but only obtained the best coach Diego Simeone awards, members of the squad no one receive any individual awards. Real This town is the second runner-up last season, but the C Ronaldo was elected as the best player, which caused great controversy.

Spain is the Spanish Expert Football League, the second division league administrators, the Alliance main Xidibasi a declaration on the matter these days. Di Basi rejected to release details of the vote, and to identify the words if you change the voting system, C Ronaldo will not be elected as the best player. FIFA famous player Godin the other day has publicly lamented that the organizers should publish details of voting, otherwise the selection lacks sufficient credibility. buy fut 18 coins With this, Di Basi responded with: "One thing must be clear, voting must be secret. Otherwise, FIFA Barca gamers never give C Ronaldo vote, Actual Madrid players will never give Barcelona gamers vote only in the case of confidential, the political election will be pure. Presently, people have the right to vote, but each coach and captain, has called on the media to give the entire of La Liga players to openly vote. On this stage, Debouse also gives his view: "If the freedom to vote and voting details to be introduced, then voters will certainly vote thinking, who is my friend, who was my team-mate.

I'm sure that if in this case, C Ronaldo will not be winning. "Atletico were down by the injustice complained, Dalam Basi gives his views: "Godin 0 votes, Iniesta 24 votes, eight ballots Cork Cork list does not elected towards the Golden Globes, Yinie Starr was elected. If Cork won the best attacking midfielder award, list of Fantastic Globe will lead to controversy. " Dalam Basi final verification, the Spanish government will not change the mode of the awards: "Today, these disputes are being artificially produced, are very subjective selection mechanism if you want to change, then it is impossible not to bring any kind of issue. " Much more FIFA 15 news is shared in imfifa which is a site ding FIFA fifteen coins trade, sell and buy. You will usually find the cheapest FIFA15 coins from imfifa www.fifa-coin.com