You may need to note that once you

You may need to note that once you get one of them, although it is possible to get duplicates of helmet or spear by continuing to complete these tasks, you cannot obtain the other 1 unless you trading an extra with another gamer. It's be not more than a week before the end of the Bird and the Beast. Some players believe that there is no doubt Bandos will die in the end. So what do you think will happen to Gielinior from the impact of Bandos death? As well as what will happen to the actual follows of Bandos? Based on those questions, some players expressed their predictions. When Bandos dies, Armadyl will take a lot of his power and become rate 3.

We'll then have WE3 then WE4 will be introduced and another god will be killed. This can repeat until there is one or none. In terms of Bandos' followers, anticipate some to take in the mantle of Bandos wishes for continuous war. Expect other people to fall in underneath the banner of other factions, probably Zamorak, Zaros, Tuska and the Godless. Alternatively, you'll be able that Jagex will cause some of Bandos' capacity to fall onto one of his followers, Cheap Runescape 3 Gold creating a Tier 5-7 god of war. In terms of Sliske's Game, it can completely rigged with regard to Zaros to get the rock no matter what. Sliske's game ends during a good eclipse which will include all of Gielinor in shadows. So you have the Lord of the Darkness Realm running the overall game who serves the actual Master of the Darkness Realm.

Zaros will appear publicly for the first time during the "winners' ceremony" as well as claim the soj as his, and the eclipse non-e from the other gods can stop Sliske or Zaros. Zaros understands full well that this stone is cursed and teleports it away into concealing. So he requests for help from dragonkin to get rid of the curse, taps the soj into the animu mundi, starts sucking it and the stone dried out to get tier one power, pisses of vorago in the process as well as causes him in order to hunt down Zaros. Additionally, there are some players who think that Jagex might not actually kill off Bandos. They believe it is too soon after Jagex killed of Guthix to kill another god, especially in that sudden way. Well, we never understand before the end of WE2. Let's look forward www.rsgoldfast.com